Live RacesEdit

Live Races in CSR Racing 2 are online races with online players. In Live Races, the player is able to get keys (excluding gold keys), and able to earn a lot of RP (Respect Points). Live Races are started by players challenging each other. The player can either accept or refuse the race. If refused the race, the player will be returned to the live lobby. During Live Races, the player that gets challenged has the ability to bet on money. If the player that bets wins, the losing player with have to pay the bet money.

Live Races are hard with bad cars, therefore the player must decide which car to use in these races. Good cars should have stong acceleration and a good top speed. Too much acceleration with a lack of top speed may result in the player losing the Live Race, and vice versa. Good cars can be:

- Mini Cooper S

- Ford Focus (both models are good)

- Audi TT RS

- Ford Mustang

- Volkswagen Golf GTi

- McLaren P1

- McLaren 570S

- McLaren P1 GTR

- Pagani Huayra BC

When using a car in Tier 5 or 4, the player must tune their car properly and upgrade it enough that they are able to beat some players, otherwise the player will discover it to be very hard to win races. Live Race rewards depend on the car tier (for example, winning Tier 5 races give you $12,500).


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